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Important Vitamin and Trace Element Values

Humans need vitamins and trace elements in order to stay healthy. By measuring the most important counts, it is possible to find out whether your diet is sufficiently varied and whether, for example, vitamin D supplementation is needed. Look after yourself by ordering the Important Vitamin and Trace Element Values package.

The Louna Important Vitamin and Trace Element Values package has been designed to ensure your state of health. The package contains ten examinations, so that it comprehensively describes the status of certain important vitamins and trace elements in your body. Deficiencies can manifest as fatigue and flu susceptibility, for example, but it is also possible that there are no symptoms yet. If the body is unable to produce the building materials it needs, the package helps you to understand whether your diet needs to be changed or whether supplementation is needed.

Vitamins and trace elements have many functions in the body. In addition to energy levels and flu susceptibility, they also affect the immune system more broadly, and also, for example, the metabolism, the nervous system, memory, and cell growth. Finns often lack vitamin D, which is obtained from sunlight in addition to food. Another common example of low values is vitamin B12, the intake of which remains low for vegetarians without special attention. In any case, every vitamin and trace element has an important role to play in maintaining health and well-being, so everyone should be at an adequate level.

The LOUNA Important Vitamins and Trace Element Values package is ideal for both one-off and regular monitoring.

Tests included


Vitamin B2 is one of the engines of the body.

Vitamin B1 helps the body to produce energy, and it is involved in the metabolism of amino acids, lipids, alcohol, and glucose.

Vitamin B6 has effects on the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

Vitamin A affects eyesight, skin and bones.

The fat-soluble vitamin E is an antioxidant that prevents the fatty acids in our cells from oxidising, in other words breaking down.

Folate affects the well-being of the brain and cells. Folate is water-soluble vitamin B9 that is obtained from food and produced by gut microbes.

Vitamin B12 is needed in the production of red blood cells and the functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin D is essential to people. Almost all tissue needs it, in addition to which vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and phosphate.

Micro-nutrients and minerals

Phosphate is an important building block of bones, cells, and DNA.

Calcium is needed by all of the cells in the body. 99 per cent of the calcium in the body is in the bones, where it functions as a strong mineral.


Fasting is required

Paastoa vaativissa tutkimuksissa tulee olla syömättä ja juomatta 10–12 tuntia ennen verikoetta. Tarvittaessa tuona aikana voi juoda lasin vettä.

Paastoverikokeet suosittelemme otettavaksi kello 8–10 välisenä aikana. Lue muista suosituksista täältä.

Diabeetikot noudattavat lääkäriltä saamaansa ohjeistusta paaston suhteen.