LounaLab service will close June 18th. As of today, products can no longer be purchased there.

All purchased appointments and test results are safe and are available here until the stated date, then transferred to the current SYNLAB service. For more details see the news or contact our representative.

Contact information and feedback

We value your opinion and we’d love to know what do you value about our service and what can we improve on.

If you have a question related to LOUNA, be sure to first see if you can find the answer on our FAQ page.

If your answer was not found there, you can contact us, for example by phone (020 734 1555) or by e-mail (info@lounalab.fi). Calling our customer service costs 0,0835 EUR/call + 0,01669 EUR/min.

Our customer service is open on business days at 7.30-18.

Please send your feedback to: info@lounalab.fi