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Woman's Fertility Values

Pregnancy is wonderful. It is also one of the biggest physical changes in a woman’s life. Ensure your blood counts are optimal by ordering a laboratory package designed for women planning a pregnancy.

LOUNA’s Woman's Fertility Values package is, as the name implies, designed for women who are planning a pregnancy. The package includes a selection of examinations that are particularly focused on ensuring the body is ready for the baby. The results reveal certain potential illnesses and deficiencies.

In order to grow, a new life requires, for example, plenty of vitamins and trace elements, the most important of which is iron. Iron levels, namely haemoglobin and ‘storage iron’, can drop during a pregnancy, which is why the expecting mother has an increased risk of developing iron deficiency anaemia as the fetus grows.

The package also includes a vitamin B12 level test, because vitamin B12 deficiency also causes anaemia. Of the vitamins and trace elements, vitamin D and folate level tests are also included in the package. A good vitamin D level improves the child’s growth. The need for vitamin D also increases during pregnancy. Folate is important for the fetus, because it affects the development of neural pathways. The need for the synthetic substitute for folate, folic acid, is therefore increased during pregnancy.

The thyroid level data is important, because an untreated thyroid illness increases the possibility of infertility and miscarriage. If the fat levels are high, it might be advisable to address them before pregnancy. Being considerably overweight increases the risk of hypertension during pregnancy. Untreated diabetes also increases risks during pregnancy, which is why we have included the fasting blood sugar level examination in the laboratory package.

The package also includes the most important hormone tests that affect fertility. Overproduction of prolactin, the milk hormone, can cause menstrual disorders and infertility in women. The last test on the list is AMH, the Anti-Muller hormone test, which measures the functioning of the ovaries – the reserve available for the ovaries. The AMH test is relevant at the latest in the event of infertility.

Tests included

Blood count

The number of red blood cells (B-Eryt)

Haemoglobin (Hb) measures the amount of the oxygen-delivering protein in the blood.

Haematocrit (B-Hkr)

Basic blood count and thrombocytes provides an overview of red and white blood cells and platelets.

Trombocytes (B-Trom) is part of the Complete blood count and Basic blood count.

The number of white blood cells (B-Leuk). B-Leuk is part of the Complete blood count and Basic blood count.

Mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH) measures the amount of oxygen-delivering haemoglobin in the red blood cells. MCH is part of the Complete blood count and Basic blood count.

Mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration E-MCHC. MCHC is part of the Complete blood count and Basic blood count.

Mean corpuscular volume (E-MCV). MCV is part of the Complete blood count and Basic blood count.

Blood sugar

Blood sugar, also known as glucose is one of the most important sources of energy for the body. We mainly obtain glucose from food, but cells can also produce it.


Folate affects the well-being of the brain and cells. Folate is water-soluble vitamin B9 that is obtained from food and produced by gut microbes.

Vitamin B12 is needed in the production of red blood cells and the functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin D is essential to people. Almost all tissue needs it, in addition to which vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and phosphate.


The Anti-Müllerian hormone indicates the functioning of the ovaries.

Lactation starts from the brain. Prolactin is responsible for starting and maintaining milk production after childbirth. In women, excessive levels of prolactin can cause menstrual disorders and infertility.


Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin is a good indicator of high alcohol consumption.

Inflammation and infections

CRP is short for C-reactive protein (S-CRP). In healthy individuals, the liver continuously produces small amounts of CRP. Its amount increases considerably in connection with infections, inflammation, and tissue damage in the body.


Ferritin indicates the status of the iron reserves

Heart and blood vessels

Cholesterol is a lipid that, being insoluble in water, is transported in the bloodstream in ball-like lipoproteins made up of transport proteins and lipids.

Low HDL cholesterol increases the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.

LDL cholesterol reflects the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Lipids are an indicator of the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Triglycerides serve as an energy reserve (S-Trigly)


Thyrotropin is a hormone regulating the functions of the thyroid. The test is performed when a thyroid disorder is suspected.


Fasting is required

Paastoa vaativissa tutkimuksissa tulee olla syömättä ja juomatta 10–12 tuntia ennen verikoetta. Tarvittaessa tuona aikana voi juoda lasin vettä.

Paastoverikokeet suosittelemme otettavaksi kello 8–10 välisenä aikana. Lue muista suosituksista täältä.

Diabeetikot noudattavat lääkäriltä saamaansa ohjeistusta paaston suhteen.