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Preparing for lab test

October 9, 20213 min


Lots of information about health can be determined by means of laboratory examinations, ranging from blood cholesterol levels to vitamin levels or the functioning of internal organs

Always determine well in advance before any laboratory tests whether you must prepare for the examination in advance. Follow the instructions to ensure the reliability of test results. Inform the person taking the sample if you failed to follow any instructions. When you come to the examination please be prepared to identify yourself with photo ID.


By logging in to My LOUNA you can see straight away if your order includes tests that require fasting. Also, examinations requiring fasting usually have a small letter f in front of them, such as fP-Gluk. List of our tests that require fasting:  

  • fS-A-Vit 

  • fS-Folaat 

  • fP-Gluk 

  • fS-Pi 

  • fS-LipoB 

  • fP-Gastpan (includes 4 fasting requiring sub tests) 

  • fB-B1-Vit 

  • fP-PTH 

  • fS-TrFeSat 

  • fS-Insu 

  • fS-Urea 

  • fS-Transf 

  • fB-B6-Vit 

  • fS-E-Vit 

When a test requires fasting, take the following things into account:

  • Do not eat or drink anything for 10–12 hours before the blood test. If necessary, you can have a glass of water.

  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for 24 hours before the test.

  • Do not smoke in the morning before the test.

  • Do not drink caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea etc.) before the test.

  • Diabetics must follow their physician’s instructions about fasting.

  • We recommend that any blood tests requiring fasting are taken at 8-10 a.m.

If fasting is not required for the examination, you may eat a light meal before the test.

Physical strain 

  • You should sit down for at least 15 minutes before the sample is taken so that your circulation has a change to stabilize.

  • Avoid sweaty exercise on the morning of the examination


  • Avoid taking herbal remedies and vitamins on the morning of the test.

  • Follow your physician’s instructions about taking your medication.

  • In case of drug concentration tests, you usually should not take the medication in question before the test is taken.

  • Thyroid tests, TSH and T4-V: If you are using thyroxine medication, the test is taken before the thyroxine tablets.

Time of day 

Some examinations (such as hormone measurements) are done at a certain time of the day. List of our tests that need to be taken at certain time of the day is below.

  • S-TSH is taken before 12 noon

  • S-Korsol is taken at 7-9 a.m. 

  • S-Testo is taken before 12 noon

  • S-DHEAS is taken at 9-12 a.m.  

  • S-PRL is taken at 10-14, approximately four hours after waking up

  • S-T4V is taken in the morning before taking the medication 

  • S-T3V is taken in the morning before taking the medication

  • fS-Fe (iron) is taken in the morning after fasting. Any oral iron medication used must be interrupted two days before the test.

Shift work and timing of tests: We recommend that tests are taken from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tests should, however, be taken within a couple of hours after you wake up.

Changing or canceling an appointment

If you have to change or cancel your appointment, it must be done 24 hours prior to the visit at the latest. If you cancel the appointment, it has to be used in one year since the original appointment.