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More information about LOUNA

LOUNA is a laboratory examinations providing service from where you can find a comprehensive collection of tests to measure and follow your well-being and health. LOUNA is part of SYNLAB. SYNLAB is the biggest laboratory and screening providing service in Finland. The samplings are made in SYNLAB's clinics around Finland.


You can order tests without doctor's referral. That's why you can't get Kela reimbursement. If you have a referral and you want to use it, you can either book an appointment from SYNLAB's web booking or call 020 734 1555.

Scheduling must be done as a part of the purchase so it's not possible to buy tests and schedule them later. We understand that sometimes your plans change and that's why it's always possible to reschedule the visit 24 hours before the appointment.

If you want to camcel a purchase made in LOUNA, please contact us via email in address You can either forward the order confirmation with a covering note or write us the same information about you, your appointment and payment. You can make the cancellation within 14 days from the order if you haven't been to the blood draw yet. The cancellation must always be done in writing and it must be done at least 24 hours prior to the visit. The repayment is made using the same pyment method that was used when making the order. You can read more from our terms of delivery.

Payment is made after selecting the products, logging in and scheduling. There are multiple payment methods: most common cards and e-banks as well as Mobilepay. You'll receive a receipt as a part of order confirmation to your e-mail after the purchase. Please also check junk mail.

In LOUNA you can only make an order for yourself. If you want to order tests for someone else, for example a family member, you can do that at SYNLAB's website at

You'll receive a receipt as a part of order confirmation to your e-mail after the purchase. Please also check junk mail.

Unfortunately at this moment buying a gift card isn`t possible.

LOUNA laboratory examinations measure the state of well-being and health. The service is for you who are interested in following, maintaining and improving your well-being. If you are suspecting a disease or need help with interpreting your results, please contact a doctor or other health case professional.

You do not need a doctor's referral to order tests from LOUNA. If you suspect a disease, please contact your doctor.

Prices of test packages and single tests include everything, so there won't be any other costs. VAT of laboratory services is 0%.

Test packages have been made to make choosing the tests easier. We have gathered comprehensive packages of relevant tests for different needs. There is more information about each package and included tests on the introduction page of the package.

For now it's not possible to add tests to an existing order.


If you need to make changes to the appointment, please contact our customer service (p. 020 734 1555) at least 24 hours before the appointment.

Scheduling is made as a part of the purchase. Choose the SYNLAB clinic and the time you want before you pay your order. Usually there are free time slots even for the next days. One appointment is enough even if you want to buy multiple tests or packages.

My LOUNA service

Logging in always happens with bank credentials. When you log in for the first time, your account is created. In addition to creating an account, you need to accept saving the patient information in order to use My LOUNA. If you still can't get logged in, you can try another browser or clearing the browser's cache memory.

Taking the tests

LOUNA tests are taken in SYNLAB clinics, that provide laboratory services, around Finland. You can check all the clinic locations here. Samples are analyzed in SYNLAB's central laboratory.

Tests should be taken when you want to know the status of your well-being. By measuring the starting level and by taking follow-up tests regularly, you can follow the improvement in the long term as well. By regular measuring you can for example see the concrete benefits of lifestyle changes. Your results will be stored in My LOUNA so that you can easily view and compare the results.

We transfer the order information automatically. You don't need to take a receipt with you when you come to the clinic. Please remember to still bring your personal ID with you.

Preparing for the tests

The preparation instructions are told during the purchase flow. Some of the tests require fasting which means you should not eat or drink before the sampling. Tests that require fasting are taken in the morning. If you have already made an order, you can find the fasting directions of your order from My LOUNA. General preparation instructions are here.

Try to live as normal as possible during the days before the test. Follow the preparation instructions, for example with tests that require fasting. Extreme stress, sorrow or an intense workout the day before the test may affect some of the test results.


You can see the results of single tests and an aggregation of all results from My LOUNA. Each test result includes a precise value and if your result is within reference values or not. From the result view you can also find interpretation instructions and possible reasons for results outside the reference values. You can also download the results as PDF if you like. Download PDF button can be found on Visit details page.

The results are only in My LOUNA.

You will usually get the test results the day after the blood draw. Some tests take a few days or 1-2 weeks to get ready. Depending on your preference, you will receive an email or text message when the first results are ready.

LOUNA results don't include a personal interpretation or diagnosis from a doctor. The results are presented in easy to understand way and there are also interpretation instructions included in the results. You should always contact a doctor or other healthcase professional if you suspect a disease or need help with interpreting the results.

You can find your results from My LOUNA. You can log in to My LOUNA using Finnish bank credentials or mobile ID. You can see the test results as soon as they are ready.

Test results are presented in a way that they are easy to understand. You always see your result and how it compares to reference values.

LOUNA doesn't offer doctor's personal interpretation nor a diagnosis. If you suspect a disease or need help with interpreting the results, please contact a doctor.


Your information is safe. We ensure the data privacy in every stage of the service.

Your patient information are confidential. They may only be used in connection with a health care professional who is participating in your treatment at SYNLAB. Your patient records will not be disclosed to other parties unless required by law or based on your consent.

You can read more about our privacy on our Data privacy and cookies page.